🎯 BANKNIFTY  doing trendline retest and also rsi divergence at bottom

So we can buy from here with SL below 34670 on closing basis

Till then its bullish, ride with small SL 😁

Nearby resistance is 35600 try to close near that and again buy above 35650

Technical analysis always helps to define SL and target  before  entry

If you are not setting SL and target before entry then where is your money management going on?


🎯 LT FOODS moving in channel and in channel gave trendline breakout

so can buy from here for first target of 61 SL below 48 on closing basis

You can also add near 50 if you get


🎯 IOL CHEMICALS  582 is very strong resistance if it manages to close above 582, buy with target of 630


🎯 TAMIL NADU PETRO whats cooking in this too much volume from last 2 days what is coming now??

Ride with SL below 46 on closing basis

SL is big so take risk according to that

If you go to weekly chart you will know what pattern it is making😁



🎯 SRTRANSFIN now at support zone if price sustain above 1290 good

buy for intraday target 30 points only sell bellow 1250

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