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CommodityBuy AboveSell BelowBreak Out Buy AboveBreak Out Sell BelowChart
Crude Oil1795.701956.302036.601715.40
Natural Gas122.73125.87127.43121.17

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What is a Commodity?
A commodity is a valuable thing that can be bought or sold, in short, traded. Sometimes commodities are referred to as economic goods that are used as input to other finished goods, which are traded for other commodities in exchange. Commodities can be generally classified into hard commodities and soft commodities. Hard commodities constitute MCX Gold, MCX crude oil, rubber etc that can be extracted, whereas soft commodities are those that are season depended like the agricultural based products like wheat, coffee, corn, tea, sugar etc.

The Commodity market
Trading of primary goods (which are better known as commodities) take place in the commodities market, which is further manufactured to become finished products. When commodities are traded in the market, it is referred to as the commodity market.

The commodities market is the place for trading in various commodities. The trading can be either in the spot market or the derivatives market. The derivatives market includes various financial instruments that are traded for long-term, whereas in the spot market, commodities are bought and sold for spot (immediate) delivery.

Commodity trading
Commodity Trading is similar to stock trading where commodities like metals are traded instead of other financial instruments like stocks. Commodities are traded in the commodity market where the investors’ trade commodity products in return for profits based on the price fluctuations of that particular commodity. Similar to the stock market, commodities are traded at the right time based on the increase or decrease in prices. mcx free tips provides you the best commodity tips, MCX free tips Crude Oil Tips and free MCX free tips. Subscribe to get free MCX free tips for 5 days.

Methods in which commodities are traded:

Futures – In this method, futures act as a contract that directs the price of the commodity at a certain price.
Options – In this method commodities are traded at a particular date and price
What are the types of commodities being traded?
Currently, the commodities that are traded fall under the below four categories:

Copper, Lead, Zinc, Tin, Nickel, Gold Silver, Platinum etc.

Energy Products
Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Ethanol, Heating Oil, Propane etc.

Wheat, Rice, Corn, Soya-beans etc.

Livestock and Meat
Live Cattle, Feeder Cattle etc.